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I'll Meet You Where You're At - Peyton Boozer
Reduction woodcut on okawara paper
24" x 36"
Residency at the Museum — 2023
Peyton Boozer is a harm reductionist who sees the world through a lens of radical compassion, working to dismantle the stigma surrounding substance use and advocating for people who use drugs through her role as coordinator of SWLA Do No Harm. Harm Reduction is a movement based on meeting people where they’re at with dignity and respect no matter what their risk behaviors or recovery may look like. Peyton was pulled to this work through her own lived experience and connection to the community. After losing countless friends to overdose, her grief forced her to recognize the failure of the War on Drugs and that the resources and tenets of Harm Reduction were vital to community health and survival. SWLA Do No Harm is a peer-led boots-on-the-ground outreach program focused on providing free access to life-saving supplies and support including naloxone, an overdose reversal medication. In collaborative efforts working with peers, participants, and community partnerships toward positive change on the personal level of those she serves and the structural level of her community, Peyton is a “relentless yet hopeful” voice reminding us that all people deserve safety and somewhere to belong.